We are committed to provide Quality rice

We often listen to the word ‘Premium Quality’ rice. Seriously, we don’t know the meaning of it. But we supply farmers’ Quality rice.

What is farmers’ Quality rice?

Do you know? Most of the farmers cultivates two varieties of paddy. One is regular paddy which gives better yield and they sell the variety to Millers or Government. Another one is the thin verity and better-quality paddy, which gives less yield compared to regular varieties. Most of the farmers cultivate these varieties to consume themselves and they mill the rice at traditional rice mills, this rice is unpolished and high nutritious. We call it Famers’ Quality.

We are currently delivering to some location of Hyderabad, Karimnagar, Jagitial.

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What is the price of Fresh rice and Aged rice?

Fresh rice or Newly harvested rice becomes sticky with lumps and rice grains sticks together. The pricing of new rice less compared to old rice as the farmers doesn’t have to bear storage cost.

Aged rice needs regular amount of water at the time of cooking which make it perfect and fluffy in texture. And the rice grain stays separated and looks good after separated.

Customers can order new rice with us and store themselves. It reduces the expense of customers. Customers can save some money. The customers who are not interested buy and store them can buy the old rice. We do have one more plan i.e., “Rice Bank” plan. Customers can book the rice; we purchase rice from farmers and store them on behalf of customers and supply them whenever the customers want. We charge Rs. 12 on monthly basis for each bag.